HBPT Glossary

Harmful Behaviors Prevention Tool

We are one team, in the people business – supporting soldiers, their

families, and civilians to educate and train leaders, who will

ultimately determine the success or failure of our EEO, EO, and SHARP programs.  

Leaders influence the command climate and their execution of

personnel-related actions impact perceptions of their workforce. 

To meet the challenges of fighting a near-peer adversary, the Army must not only modernize its equipment but also adopt a new concept for the way it fights and put in place a 21st-century talent management system. 

General McConville, 40th Army Chief of Staff

Purpose of the Harmful Behavior Prevention Tool

The Harmful Behavior Prevention Tool, and its accompanying handbook, advocate a culture of ownership to promote difficult discussions at all levels of leadership with scenario-based counseling. It is not meant to turn Squad Leaders into MEO, SHARP, or Suicide Prevention representatives. This tool uses a discussion-based approach to facilitate dialogue and foster a candid relationship between the leader and team members. This empowers leaders at all levels to initiate candid discussions, not only to train but also to gain much-needed feedback.

Harmful Behaviors Prevention Handbook

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