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Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Scenarios

Select a SHARP scenario from the list below.

Each color represents a SHARP category depicted by the scenario:

  • Bright green for Quid Pro Quo scenarios
  • Forest green buttons for Hostile Environment scenarios
  • Muddy Green for Sexual Assault scenarios

The SHARP scenarios are located here and within Appendix B of the Harmful Behaviors Prevention Handbook. These scenarios are based on discussions condensed from a series of actual cases and are designed to be discussed candidly within small groups. It is recommended to keep discussion groups limited to 10 people or less. The conversations these scenarios generate can be uncomfortable and shocking. As such, the feedback to the commander must be candid yet tactful.

After each scenario, a “Suggested Discussion Questions” link has been provided to access discussion questions for your consideration in preparation of each scenario’s discussion. This link can also be found in the navigation menu at the top of the page. These discussion questions are provided as suggestions for your consideration in preparation of each scenario’s discussion. You are free to select and modify these questions or to create your own.

Suggested Discussion Outcomes

  • Develop positive command climates that do not tolerated sexual harassment and/or sexual assault.
  • Recognize the importance of enduring cultural change in relation to Army Values of dignity and respect.
  • Recognize the detrimental impact to readiness from sexual harassment or sexual assault incidents, counter-productive leadership, and the erosion of trust.
  • Solve tactical and ethical problems using Army principles, doctrine and warfighting. 
  • Demonstrate effective leadership at all echelons. 
  • Develop problem-solving capabilities to eliminate sexual harassment and sexual assault incidents.
  • Create awareness and ownership of the SHARP program.
  • Prepare formations by discussing uncomfortable issues, which can be detrimental to the force. 
  • Empower Soldiers, at every level, with the skills to address inappropriate behaviors, harmful attitudes that decrease unit cohesion and degrade readiness

Note: The following scenarios/vignettes are based on actual occurrences, as told to the developers of the training support package. The language used is intentionally casual and reflective of how Soldiers may speak informally.
Remember to choose one scenario only per group.


PFC Bailey has been getting stared at by all the guys since she arrived in the unit.
She has heard about all the negativity and previous SHARP incidents prior to her arrival, but she decides to suck it up and just drive on because she does not want to be that girl that cannot work alongside males. 
The unit’s ACFT is next week, and she is concerned with her run time as she barely passed it during AIT. SPC Cole notices that she often falls out of the unit runs, and makes a genuine offer to run with her in the evenings.
SGT Buck (PFC Bailey’s squad leader) overhears the conversation, and goes to her in private and tells her, “why run in the evenings, if you go on a date with me, I’ll make sure you pass that test and for a little “extra” every test thereafter.”
PFC Bailey simply smiles and walks away. 

DA Civilian

Ben Smith just started in your office. He and his wife just came here from Schofield [or whatever location you prefer to use]. He tells you that he is a former Army soldier, and this is his first civilian job.
You ask how he likes being out of the Army. He says the jury’s still out, and he laughs. He asks you what you like about working here. You tell him that you too are newish, but from what you can gather the supervisor, Mrs. Reeves, is a real old-school type. She is also ex-military and has very particular ideas about professionalism and dress. He laughs and says, “Ahhh, thanks for the heads up. I am still unpacking, better look for the box with my suits”.
Two days later, you notice that Mrs. Reeves is hanging around Ben’s desk all the time, and she keeps Ben late on Friday. You ask him why. He shrugs and says, “Who knows why she does anything” and changes the subject.
A few weeks later you run into Ben at a gas station at the other side of the post, you are surprised because he had called in sick. He looks both surprised and irritated. You ask what’s up, and he tells you, “It’s nothing, bad day, but thanks for asking”.
The next day you are walking down the hall and you overhear him talking to someone else. You hear Ben say, “She is relentless, she’s “accidently” touched my ass three times today. I hate it and I want to make a complaint”.
The other voice says, “Hey man, you know I get it, hell, I lived it, but she’s two months from leaving and no one wants to go through all that BS that comes with charges. She gets charged, found not responsible, and then stays just to screw with us. Just take one for the team."

“Don’t Rock the FTX”

SPC Jackson is new to the platoon and wants to make a good impression. At his first Field Training Exercise (FTX) he notices that everyone sits together during mealtime.
The highlight of the day is “story time” where someone shares a sexual conquest from their past as the social norm. He listens and laughs; however, he’s torn on the inside because he just wasn’t raised in this manner.
One statement was made that caused him cringe and shake his head. Another team member noticed and states, “Come on man, don’t tell me you never heard about this one before?”
SPC Jackson thinks to himself, I got to go along to get along and states “of course I have” and smiles awkwardly.

“Extra Attention”: Asian From Korea

I am an Asian female from Korea. I’m really looking forward to being in this section. I work for SSG Walker (female). She’s my supervisor and I’m super excited about learning all I can from her.
She is taking a real liking to me. I felt things were great even when she began texting me during non-duty hours.
SSG Walker seemed extremely interested in my personal relationships and certain people I would be interested in dating.
Things got confusing when the text turned intrusive about my sex life asking if I had I ever been intimate with a person of the same sex.

Harmless Humor?

About six months ago, Mr. Lewis transferred from another office. You know a few people he worked with before and they said he was “alright, a little weird and has a strange sense of humor but generally ok.” You figured everyone is a little weird, and he’s been around for a long time, so it should be an easy transition.
After a few weeks, everyone on staff was getting along well. As you were warned Mr. Lewis was a little weird, but whatever. Some of the female uniformed staff didn’t seem to like him. He is bit of a close talker with the uniformed folks and one afternoon you hear him making inappropriate jokes and comments around the female PFCs. He told one PFC she was “too pretty to be a Soldier,” but she didn’t look bothered.
PFC Banks comes to your office and asks if you can give her some advice. She tells you that she’s having a problem with Mr. Lewis.
She says “he keeps saying weird things, like asking me if I had any birthmarks hiding under my uniform. Stuff like that. And while yeah, that’s seriously weird and definitely inappropriate it’s mostly harmless, ya know. I asked my friend and she said he is ‘just a dork’ and to ignore and avoid him. So, I didn’t say anything else. I mean, I don’t want to ruin his career or have nothing happen and he gets revenge.
But then yesterday, I was up on the third floor, and I saw him talking with PFC Heller alone at the end of the hall, you know by the bathrooms. She looked upset and I heard her say, “Sir please let me go.” I dropped my keys to make a noise and they turned. She looked relieved and left quickly by the other stairs.
He walked up to me and made a joke about what was I “up to” up there. Can you believe that? I’m not sure what will happen next, but I think maybe he’s not harmless? I am not sure what Heller wants to do and me either. But I do not want to tell leadership until we are sure.”

“Homophobic Slurs”

SGT Roof is known to be a real tough NCO to work for.
Anyone that doesn’t measure up to his ideas of what a real man is gets called “a soft, f**king queer” or “fudge packer”.
He mocks them by winking and licking his lips at them.
He’s always taunting the less aggressive males in the platoon with statements like “you know this is not Broke Back Mountain”


SGT Cruz S1 NCO has a problem with addressing SPC Jones by his rank and name.
He constantly calls SPC Jones “stud muffin,” “player,” and “lover boy,” because of some rumors floating around in the squad.
SPC Jones doesn’t like it, because he doesn’t see himself that way.

“The “P” Word”

PFC Clark and SPC Brooks were pumped about today’s squad training at the rappel tower because it was their first opportunity to train with the team since their arrival.
PFC Clark was a nervous wreck because he remembered freezing up in basic training.
SPC Brooks was at the bottom of the tower wondering why PFC Clark was stalling. To keep the training moving he yelled out “don’t be such a “f**king p***y hurry up already, I want to go next.”

What happened?

1. Jane Becker is a coworker. Up until recently she has been a rock star in the office. Great demeanor, thorough, supportive of others, someone you can count on to get things done.
2. The last few weeks she has been coming in late and seems distracted. She has cancelled two meetings with you in as many days.
3. You ask her to lunch to find out what’s going on and see if there is anything you can do to help.
4. She tells you “I don’t know where to start, but well, I went out with…actually I don’t want to say. Anyway, a Solider asked me out a month ago. He seemed nice and the first date went well. Two weeks ago, we went on another date, and I got too drunk, I admit it, and he took me home.
5. I passed out, and when I came to, I was undressed, and he was getting dressed. He told me he had a great time and had to go.
6. I can’t remember anything, and I wasn’t ready to have sex. I don’t know what to think. I’m having trouble sleeping and concentrating. I just don’t know what to think.”

“A Night to Remember”

1. PFC Jenkins has been in the Company for about 5 months and word is spreading like wildfire that she likes to get drunk and be with whoever.
2. Several guys have shared their encounters with SPC Graf.
3. The weekend is right around the corner and SPC Graf decides to host a party in his barracks room. He invites all the regulars to include PFC Jenkins.
4. It’s the weekend and the party is in full swing and PFC Jenkins is pretty intoxicated.
5. SPC Graf has his arms around her assisting her back to her room to take care of her for the evening.
6. The next morning, she wakes up naked in his bed and can’t remember what occurred.

“After Shower Attack”

SPC Cox and PFC Wilder were really looking forward to just a hot shower and hot chow after returning from the field exercise.
SPC (P) Collins had just taken a shower and was drying off.
When all of a sudden, he just started popping them on their behind with his wet towel for no reason shouting “it’s on and popping tonight”.

“FOB Assault”

1. CPT Long is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man in his own mind. He’s made several inquiries about SGT Coffee, who just arrived in theater about two weeks ago.
2. SGT Coffee received her safety brief about being alone on the Forward Operating Base (FOB). She always made sure to pay particular attention of her surroundings, however; she desperately needed to do laundry tonight because she needed her clothes cleaned by tomorrow.
3. CPT Long spotted her heading to the laundry room alone and quickly gathered some things to have a chance encounter.
4. He waited about 5 minutes to make sure she was alone and entered the laundry room. It didn’t take him long to make his moves on her.
5. About 17 minutes later, her designated battle buddy SGT Gaithers who had been looking for her, spotted her leaving the laundry room half-dressed in a hurry.
6. Upon catching up with her she just blurted out “you told me this could happen, why didn’t I listen to you”

“For Old Times Sake”

1LT Booker is in BOLC and he reconnects with 1LT Webb from who he went to OCS with. Immediately they begin reminiscing about the connection made in OCS, and ideas for how to rekindle and make up for lost time. The two of them spoke daily over the next few weeks and graduation weekend was set. They both agreed to meet for dinner.
1LT Booker told you about what was going down and he asked your thoughts about the evening.
Over dinner a bottle of wine was ordered, and the night was truly great with an excessive amount of flirting.  During dinner they both agreed that intimacy was definitely a go. Once they arrived at the hotel via an Uber, they began to make out, both were buzzing from the wine.
The next business day 1LT Booker expressed to you that he had a night of drunken sex, and it was great.

“Mr. Touchy Feely”

SGT Martin has a nickname amongst the squad as “Mr. Touchy Feely”.
SPC Vick and PFC Rand are not fans of the way SGT Martin always congratulates them by patting their rear ends, after minor accomplishments like after physical fitness completion, doing well at the range, and organized sports.
SSG Wheeler has told the individuals that brought it to his attention that’s it’s just the way he is, and he means nothing by it. He also stated some “Good leaders show their appreciation in many ways”.

“New Arrival”

2LT Jackson was new to the platoon, she was always a little nervous about getting dress in front of others for the looks she received.
She had gotten comfortable with one other female in the platoon 1LT Rawlings, who she considered a friend.
On this particular day they were both in hurry to get dressed and out of nowhere 1LT Rawlings reached up and grabbed her breast and asked, “Are these real?”.  2LT Jackson just stared in disbelief.

“Organization Day”

During the Battalion Annual Organization Day event, a member of the BN senior leadership team, summons CPT Smith to BN HQs.
The leader corners CPT Smith and begins to make several inappropriate comments, while groping CPT Smith’s buttocks.
CPT Smith immediately departs the BN HQs extremely upset.

“Training Exercise”

PFC James (female) didn’t mind getting selected to be a patient at the EFMB training site. She was expecting to learn a lot being a live casualty for the exercise.
Things didn’t feel right when one of the participants, SPC Elam (female) touched her genital area while applying of a tourniquet. She just winked and smiled stating, “Don’t act like it’s your first time.” PFC James felt awkward and didn’t want to be a part of the exercise any longer.

“Uniform Inspection”

During a uniform in-ranks inspection, a male squad leader informed a male PVT that he needed to make correct a uniform deficiency.
The PVT stated the squad leader placed his hands inside his waistband and patted the inside area both of his legs near the genital area.  Next, the squad leader touched his genitals on the outside of his uniform.
The incident occurred in front of the platoon.

Harmful Behaviors Prevention Handbook

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