Social Media Strategy

Elements of Social Media Success

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Benefits of Using Social Media

How leaders use social media to communicate and support their goals has a direct impact on how far their messages reach different types of audiences. An effective plan creates a ripple effect on social media platforms.

Leaders can be the creator of the ripple and let it extend outward from an organization, or they can avoid the engagement and be caught in the waves created by an event.

More and more commanders are leveraging social media not just in garrison, but also in training and deployment environments to keep the public informed, to connect Soldiers and Families and to address negative news stories and inaccurate reports.

Tips for an Effective Social Media Presence

  • Have a strategy. What do you want to do with this page?
  • Use your authentic voice.
  • Answer questions and respond to comments.
  • Interact on a daily basis.
  • Connect with other Army leaders and commands and support their content.
  • Leverage existing discussions as an entry point for your messages.
  • Conduct scheduled analysis of efforts.
  • Post relevant content regularly, using a mix of your own and shared content, photos and videos.

Potential Messaging Topics

  1. Unit and mission updates
  2. Soldier highlights
  3. Share news articles and add your thoughts
  4. Explain unit role in national security.
  5. Community involvement
  6. Leverage existing discussions as an entry point for your messages.
  7. Conduct scheduled analysis of efforts.
  8. Set up “town halls” or Q&A sessions to connect with your community.