Quality Assurance Office




Executes the Army QA program across the Active Army (AA), ARNG and USAR (RC) through accreditations and assessments to ensure Army Enterprise Accreditation Standards (AEAS) are achieved in the development, education, and training of Soldiers and Army Civilians while strengthening the Army’s readiness and to ensure the Army’s ability to learn, adapt, and innovate.


The Army’s organization that assesses and enhances the quality of Army training, education, and development by fostering innovation and collaboration through the application of the Army’s Enterprise Accreditation Standards.



  • Optimize QA Functions
  • Enhance QA Program Rigor
  • Enforce Standards Across DOTMLPF-P

Integrity – we do what is right and act honestly and ethically; we are devoted to keeping our word and honoring our commitment to maintaining standards

Innovation – we overcome challenges with creativity and create value through new ideas

Accountability – we take ownership and deliver on our commitment

Collaboration – we work as a team and take an active role to help shape the environment

Service – we are committed to selflessly and humbly serving our nation, our Army, and others in all that we do

  • Director Fort Eustis, VA (757) 501-7099
  • Deputy Director Fort Eustis, VA (757) 501-7116
  • Ch, Plans & Ops Fort Eustis, VA (757) 501-7117

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