Judge Advocate Office

Staff Judge Advocate Office


Provide accurate, timely, and proactive legal advice to the CG, DCG/CofS, DCG Futures, DCG-IMT and HQ Command Directorates and Staff on the full range of legal issues. Provide oversight for 16 legal offices supporting subordinate commands schools, and activities. The TRADOC Staff Judge Advocate serves as the Command Liaison to the Army Office of General Counsel, the Office of The Judge Advocate General, and the Legal Advisor to the Chief, Legislative Liaison.

Focus Areas / Areas of Expertise
  • IMT Soldier Issues
  • Officer Misconduct and Eliminations
  • Religious Accommodations
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Domestic Operational Law
  • Congressional/White House Inquires on Military Personnel

Focus Areas / Areas of Expertise
  • Primary legal advisor to the TRADOC SJA all contract and fiscal law actions.
    Serves as the principal legal advisor to the TRADOC Command Group and Staff for all contract and fiscal law actions involving TRADOC HQ.
  • Principal clients include TRADOC G-8, TRADOC G-2, ARCIC, and TRADOC G-3/5/7.
  • Provides legal counsel to the TRADOC Acquisition and Management Oversight Program, TRADOC contract and fiscal policy, Government contract law, acquisition ethics, and related fiscal topics.

Focus Areas / Areas of Expertise
  • Base Realignment and Closure, Training Support, Real Property Acquisition and Transfer, Restoration
  • Environmental Issues – National Environmental Policy Act compliance, Enforcement Actions, Compliance Issues, Endangered Species, Natural Resource Management and Historic Properties
  • Force Development = Concept Plans, Manning Issues, Stationing Actions, Force Structure

Focus Areas / Areas of Expertise
  • Travel Issues
    • Accompanying Spouse Travel
    • Use of Government Vehicles
    • Military Air Requests
    • Invitational Travel Authorizations
  • Army Regulation (AR) 15-6 Investigations
    • Appointment Memoranda
    • Legal Review
  • Conferences

Focus Areas / Areas of Expertise
  • Provide civilian personnel, labor management relations, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) legal advice to HQ TRADOC, ARCIC, and MIT organizations
  • Provide civilian personnel legal advice and guidance to TRADOC Activity Labor Attorneys
  • Review TRADOC Civilian Personnel and EEO Policy Issues
  • Represent HQ TRADOC, ARCIC, and MIT in third party legal proceedings before the Merit Protection System Protection board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Labor Relations Authority and Arbitrators

Focus Areas / Areas of Expertise
  • Confidential and Public Financial Disclosure Programs
  • Senior Mentors and Highly Qualified Experts
  • Post-Government Employment Advice
  • Acceptance of 1353 Travel & Speaking Engagements
  • Logistical Support to Private Organizations
  • Gifts, Fundraising Activities, and Travel Issues
  • Ethics Training

Commercial Area Code: 757; DSN Prefix: 501

  • Staff Judge Advocate 501-5759/5758
  • Deputy Staff Judge Advocate 501-5759/5758
  • Legal Administrator 501-5758
  • Chief Paralegal NCO 501-5761
  • Legal Technician 501-5759