Facilities Management


The Facilities Management Office (FMO) coordinates, synchronizes, and manages installation support to HQ TRADOC; plans and executes facilities operations and maintenance, project management, storage management, parking management, space utilization, physical security, and official and commercial postal operations for all HQ TRADOC facilities on Fort Eustis.


  • Facilitate and maintain a professional working atmosphere; for both interior and exterior environments, that are commensurate with the expectations of a 4-star Army Headquarters.
  • Forecast and manage budgetary requirements that encompass all functional aspects of Facilities Management for HQ TRADOC.
  • Facilitate and conduct emergency management planning, training, and execution.
  • Coordinate service support contracts to HQ TRADOC.

  • Facilities Manager 757-501-6496
  • Administrative Support Services 757-501-5693
  • Security Specialist 757-501-5695