G-6 Command, Control, Communications, and Computers


The TRADOC Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-6 (C4) is the senior adviser to CG, TRADOC for all matters relating to information technology (IT) and information management (IM) necessary for the execution of TRADOC’s mission. The G-6 develops TRADOC-wide IT, and IM plans, policies, procedures and its enterprise architecture. The G-6 provides staff management for the development, acquisition, integration, operation, and sustainment of IT and IM applications, systems, and services for TRADOC.


The DCS, G-6 (C4) consists of the G-6, Deputy G-6, an administrative office, Records Management Office, and three directorates. The directorates are Information Integration, Operations, Cybersecurity.

G-6 Front Office Contact Info

  • Phone Prefixes – Commercial: (757) 501-XXXX; DSN 501-XXXX
  • Extension Specialty Area
  • Front Office
  • 6548 Executive Officer
  • 6537 Executive Assistant
  • 6509 FAX