Executive Services Office

Executive Services Office


We are the team that keeps leaders informed by helping them as they engage, host and extend official courtesies to authorized guests of the Department of the Army. We are responsible for all protocol aspects of TRADOC events hosted by the TRADOC Commanding General (CG) and Deputy Commanding General/Chief of Staff (DCG/CoS) and we provide advice to the TRADOC staff and subordinate commands and organizations on protocol technical matters.

Lines of Effort

Distinguished Visitors and Significant Events (DVSE) Roster

ESO maintains and publishes the HQ TRADOC DVSE roster that is available online for authorized personnel. The roster contains significant events and DV visits at the headquarters and around the command.

TRADOC Memorandum 1-16, Distinguished Visitors, Conferences and Ceremonies, HQ TRADOC

HQ TRADOC ESO is the proponent for TRADOC Memo 1-16. The memorandum establishes policies and procedures for HQ TRADOC organizations to assist with executing conferences, ceremonies, and other significant events and to facilitate hosting distinguished visitors (DVs) (domestic and international) to the Command.

“The exchange of courtesy visits is one of the Army’s oldest and most established traditions.These visits, known as official and social calls, are essential to mutual understanding, respect, confidence, and teamwork”

Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-60