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Gen. Brito kicked off the 2023 year of trading at the New York Stock Exchange Jan. 3,
with a joint service enlistment ceremony and ringing the bell.
Check out his interview with NYSE Floor Talk host Judy Shaw.

FM 6-22 is LIVE!

The partnership for your success is changing its name and some of its operations.
New Field Manual (FM) 5-0, Planning and Orders Production, and FM 6-0, Commander and Staff Organization and Operations, are now available on the Army Publishing Directorate website.

The KM Documentary Episode 4: The History of KM captures

the genesis of KM in the Army, how it has evolved, and where it will take

the Army in the future.


TRADOC and Army Financial Management and Comptroller discuss how audit readiness = mission readiness.

ACFT Micro Site

For all of your Army Combat Fitness Test information, visit the ACFT Site Here.

NCO Strategy

Check out the Army University Press Highlight and view their Documentary Series found on YouTube! 


NCO Strategy
The NCO Strategy has received the first overhaul in six years. Check out what changes were made.
The U.S. Army Center of Military History has released Modern War in an Ancient Land: The United States Army in Afghanistan 2001–2014, a two-volume history. Learn more and download the publications here.
KM Documentrary Episode 3: Defining KM in the Army Part II

The KM Documentary Episode 3: Defining KM in the Army Part II explains how Knowledge Management is used to flatten the decision cycle, optimize situational awareness,
and aid in vast organizational operations. It features the explanation of tacit knowledge, business processes of KM, and more!

The H2F team at the Center for Initial Military Training Headquarters
The H2F team at the Center for Initial Military Training Headquarters began working on a pilot program to develop an H2F style foundation for the battalions that are not currently resourced. Find out what exactly the pilot does.
Take a look into the Battle of Aachen Part II and find out how the success of Operation MARKET-GARDEN allowed the Allies to push their way towards the Siegfried Line and the city of Aachen.

The Leader Self-Development Tool was created to support your leader self-development efforts in two ways.
1)     To guide you through the process of integrating and synthesizing the results from the Project Athena assessments you’ve completed.
2)     To provide you access to a searchable database of learning resources, available for use whether or not you’ve

TRADOC’s new The Operational Environment (2021-2030):  Great Power Competition, Crisis, and Conflict covers a variety of topics to include impact of COVID-19 on the OE; China as our designated Pacing Threat; Russia as a near-peer threat plus their respective efforts to modernize and challenge the Army as a whole; as well as the impact of Climate Change on the OE. Take a look for all the details!

The U.S. Army finds itself at a historic inflection point, where disparate, yet related elements of the Operational Environment, also known as the OE, are converging. The U.S. Army faces many challenges in the current OE -- learn more about them in this video primer

Read more on training in the latest Army STAND-TO!
Click to watch why TRADOC is a Destination of Choice
In the latest episode of CADD's Breaking Doctrine podcast, U.S. Army Maj. Rich Diegel talks 'Chinese Tactics' with Mr. Rich Creed, the CADD Director, and Ms. Angela Williams and Mr. Brad Marvel, from the TRADOC G-2, who recently published ATP 7-100.3, Chinese Tactics.
Gen. Gary Brito, commanding general, TRADOC, recently spoke to more than 200 cadets at the George C. Marshall Awards & Leadership Seminar

TRADOC recruits, trains, educates, develops and builds the Army; establishes standards, drives improvement, and leads change to ensure the Army can deter, fight, and win on any battlefield now and into the future.
TRADOC executes its mission through five subordinate commands and centers:



TRADOC also oversees 32 Army schools organized under ten Centers of Excellence, each focused on a separate area of expertise within the Army. These centers train over 500,000 Soldiers and service members each year.

TRADOC was born of innovation and agility, and quickly adapts to shifting world, national, and institutional situations, in both peace and war. TRADOC’s adaptive character and culture ensures our Army remains the nation’s “force of decisive action”.