Please join us for the next TRADOC Leader Professional Development (LPD) live webinar 5 AUG 2021, 1100-1200 eastern where we will discuss our intern and apprenticeship programs currently mentoring, training and educating individuals across TRADOC. Current and former interns and apprentices will join the conversation.  

All TRADOC livestream timelines and coverage are subject to change. Presentations will be recorded and posted to the TRADOC Vimeo channel following the conference. If you are experiencing technical difficulties viewing the livestream from a government network computer, please try a different web browser, or click here.

Watch a replay of the most recent TRADOC Town Hall: “Busting COVID-19 Vaccine Myths” with Col. Christopher Meyering, Command Surgeon and Specialist Rebecca Galidon of McDonald Army Health Center

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  1. The next webinar with Edward ‘Obbie West’ Wilson will begin shortly. If you have a question for him, please leave it here. It will try to be asked during the livestream or maybe it will be used in a follow-on video.

  2. 1SG, check your frame (the video square). There’s probably an icon of a speaker, 4th from the right, that has a little X through it. That’s a second mute you have to uncheck (not just your computer speakers).

  3. I have also said that as a leader when you walk by something that is wrong or do not act when you see something wrong or hear something wrong you just established a new way forward or a new standard……and you did not have to say anything for that to occur.

  4. Sir,

    1) give an example of “Mansplaining” in a military setting
    2) give some pointers

  5. Yes!! Leading indicators over lagging indicators. Make high numbers of incidents reported a GOOD thing. Encourage reports! That’s how my company handles safety. The goal is to get high numbers of “near miss” reports so that issues are corrected before they lead to injuries. Same thing can work for sexual harassment, I think.

  6. The OBBie West LPD has been the best ever. I wished we had more time with him as well as a one on one.

  7. This guy is an awesome speaker!!! Nothing better than someone speaking from personal experience and a space of vulnerability. Great LPD.

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