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  1. My son was so excited to join the Army! He tested over 100’s on the ASVAB and got his #1 choice of EOD. He has to reclass out of EOD due to a failed test and now they are saying every reclass from EOD has to stay on Ft. Lee and become a cook or supply technician. They even forced him to chose those. Is something being done to manage these high achievers and find them careers that fit their skills. With the pressure from his leadership he has now changed his mind and shared his whole classes bad view of the Army! Such a sad loss of good young men/women!

  2. The army people strategy does not contain the word « contract » or « contractor ». As such, what is the plan to reduce reliance on contractor, increase pay and benefits to be equal to what the army pays contractor personnel, and give uniformed service members the training commensurate with the roles and position now filled by contractor s?

  3. It seems that many applicants/future soldiers get severely delayed when gathering info needed from their personal doctors for medical waivers requested by MEPS – how are we solving this? Can we have Army docs at MEPS to clear certain medical flags like the Navy appears to do?

  4. Hello to the entire Training & Recruiting command. We really appreciate everything you do and want to fully support you in every way possible. MG Davis, thanks for mentioning that quality comes first in our culture.

    This question comes from an Army civilian working at USMEPCOM. Currently, as of this week, it appears that USAREC is duplicating efforts (utilizing scarce and limited resources of providers) of the medical team doing prescreens, and potentially, diluting the command and control of ensuring a quality processes using the congressionally mandated EHR – MHS Genesis. What was the perceived shortcomings of the MEPCOM medical team and/or processes, and why is this method of standing up another prescreen cell the right solution to the perceived problem from the USAREC and/or TRADOC point of view?

    We are truly listening. Moreover, if we can share any lessons learned and/or best practices – we really believe that quality medical prescreens serves both the recruiting command and the Army. Dedicated to building better talent management processes together!

    Practicing occupational medicine where strategic thinking and tactical performance is defined and measured by joint force readiness. Hooah!

  5. We have to treat Soldiers like Superstars from inception thru ETS/Retirement because if we don’t ensure this is a reality the Soldier will tell the story and its next to impossible to recover from it as an organization. Recruiters must be continuously audited to prevent misleading Soldiers into a career they don’t want.

  6. We need more innovators and immersive developers. There is no career field for this. We need this to help with training our warfighters. Is there a way to add new career fields for this?

  7. Is there any plan to open enlistment for foreign nationals that enter the US legally? We get a lot of international college students interested in enlisting in the Army.

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