Inspector General

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TRADOC HQs, Fort Eustis, VA


Serves as an extension of the Commanding General by providing impartial advice and independent assessments of the morale, welfare, and discipline of the Command through assistance, inspections, investigations and training in order to improve readiness of the Command.


All IGs are confidential advisors to, and fact-finders for, the commander. Selfless service is the cardinal attribute of successful IGs, and all IGs must adhere to—and be advocates of—the Army Values, the Warrior Ethos, and the Army Civilian Corps Creed. IGs earn respect from everyone in the command for their level of expertise, candor, credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness. As leaders and role models, IGs are never off the record and must always be ready to address matters of concern for the commander and the command.

Role of Army IG

The agency has handled cases relating to injuries, death, sexual-harassment Complaint, and any other form of misconduct Who Can Request IG Action IG Action can be requested by soldiers, their family members, retirees, former soldiers or civilians working for the Department of the Army. Read More → Request IG Action The general rule is that soldiers and Army civilian employees should report any instances of waste, fraud or abuse with their supervisor or commanding officer in the immediate chain of command.


All IGs have a duty to protect to the maximum extent possible the personal identity of a complainant, witness, or any other individual providing information to the IG, particularly when the individual specifically requests confidentiality. Persons who ask the IG for help; make a complaint; provide testimony, information, or evidence as part of an IG inspection or investigation; or otherwise interact with an IG often do so because they have an expectation of confidentiality. Their expectation often centers on the safeguarding of the individual’s personal identity and the nature of the individual’s contact with the IG. Although confidentiality and the measures necessary to protect it will vary from circumstance to circumstance, the IG always treats confidentiality carefully and as a priority. While IGs will never promise confidentiality, IGs will endeavor to maintain confidentiality as a matter of primary importance and as a key to the IG system’s viability and success.