G-2 Intelligence




Our mission is the Operational Environment (OE). We create the conditions necessary to research it; we define it; we understand it; we apply it; and we export it.
We know the enemy and make sure our customers do too.


The G-2 is a dynamic, connected, supportive, and highly competent organization. Our organization strives for excellence in four key LOEs:

  1. Telling our Critical Stories.
  2. Creating and Delivering (New) Knowledge.
  3. Developing a People-Centric Organization.
  4. Leveraging Technology, Critical Thinking, and Advanced Methodologies.


The Army Values (the Seven): Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.
The “Plus-Seven”: Professionalism, Open-Mindedness, Diversity, Empathy, Creativity, Collaboration, and Intellectual Curiosity.

Fort Eustis, VA:

Requirements, G-2 Operations:(757) 501-6236 or via mailto:usarmy.jble.tradoc.list.hq-tradoc-g-2-ops@army.mil

G-2 Analysis Team: (757) 501-6162 Visit our Operational Environment Enterprise website: https://oe.tradoc.army.mil/

G-2 Security Team: (757) 501-6176/6157

G-2 (Actual DCG G-2) Administrative Officer: (757) 501-6233

Fort Leavenworth, KS:

Requirements, G-2 Operations: (757) 501-6236 or mailto:usarmy.jble.tradoc.list.hq-tradoc-g-2-ops@army.mil

G-2 Military Deputy: (913) 684-7931/7955

G-2 Senior Intelligence Advisor Administrative Officer: (913) 684-7955