Social Media Strategy

Know Your Audience

Why You Should Know Your Audience

It is important to note that new stakeholders and key publics may emerge over time and require a unique strategy. For example, lobbying groups or adversaries would warrant special attention if they are trying to change the operation. PA planners should continually assess the information environment, and be ready to pivot.

Prioritize By Situation

Time and resources may be limited, so planners should prioritize the need to communicate with the public based on their level of activity.

Stakeholders and key publics can also be grouped by attributes. Some of the determining factors are:

  • Their importance to the organization’s survival and success
  • Whether they are a threat or an advocate
  • Their power to influence, their legitimacy
  • Urgency — when they might act

Segment Your Audience

Both your key publics and stakeholders need to be segmented and combined into groups so you can reasonably and appropriately reach them.

  • Demographics: Who are they (age, gender, marital status, income)?
  • Psychographics: Why are they involved?
  • Motivating Self-Interest: What’s in it for them?

Other Questions:

  • What’s their relationship to the organization or issue?
  • Are they an influencer or interveners within the community?
  • What objective can they help you accomplish?
  • What are the viable communication channels for reaching them?