Social Media Strategy

Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR)

Unit public affairs representatives (UPARs) are non-PA Soldiers identified to increase PA capability across a command. Commanders at the battalion level and below will appoint and resource UPARs to assist higher PA elements achieve the commander’s requirement to communicate. PAOs are responsible for cultivating, coordinating, and training UPARs within their subordinate units. UPARs are assigned through additional duty appointment orders to represent their units for PA functions. UPAR products are subject to normal PA editing and release procedures. UPAR training materials are available at the Army Learning Management System (ALMS).

UPAR Duties

  • Tell the battalion / battery / company / unit story.
  • Meet with your commander and establish a unit public affairs plan.
  • Recommend items of interest for coverage (SITREP).
  • Publicize unit participation in community projects or activities.
  • Serve as the public affairs point of contact for the AAMDC Public Affairs Office.
  • Determine resources and ask for assistance from the chain of command.
  • Keep the commander advised of UPAR activities.