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TRADOC Safety Office

The TRADOC Safety Office serves as the primary staff advisor and subject matter expert on all safety, accident prevention, and risk management programs within TRADOC and its subordinate commands.

Off Duty, On Guard
"Full Throttle" features three main characters (Mags, Vans, and Twitchy) with three different storylines, all dealing with vehicle safety issues. Mags’ story deals primarily with privately owned vehicle safety; Vans’ segment covers all terrain vehicles and off road safety; Twitchy’s video covers motorcycle safety.
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"Beyond the Waterfront" is a story about six Soldiers spending a Saturday on the lake. The tale is about boating and water safety. There are also three main characters (Frickman, Diaz, and Grimes) that play major roles in this vignette. Unlike “Full Throttle,” there is only one storyline and choosing the different characters allows the viewer to see how each character’s actions (or inactions) affect outcomes.
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Play the interactive version of Off Duty, On Guard.