Home Find an IG FAQ TRADOC HQs 661 Sheppard Place, Fort Eustis, 757 501-6559/6560 Langley U.S. Air Force Base Inspector General Office (USAF): AFB IG 757-764-5162 Contact the Center Initial Military Training (CIMT) (ARMY) BLDG 2788, Harrison Loop, Fort Eustis, 757 878-5702/4845 Supported Units: Center Initial Military Training (CIMT) 7th Transportation Brigade […]


Home Find an IG FAQ Before you request Army Inspector General action, Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below. We encourage you to contact your local IG Office to ensure fastest possible response. Who May Request IG Action? If you have a concern and are unsure if you should make an IG Action Requests, contact […]

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  Home Find an IG FAQ Contacts INSPECTOR GENERAL TRADOC HQs, Fort Eustis, VA     INSPECTOR GENERAL ACTION REQUEST For use of this form, see AR 20-1; the proponent agency is the Office of The Inspector General. DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974   AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. 7013, Secretary of the Army; […]

Inspector General

Home Find an IG FAQ INSPECTOR GENERAL TRADOC HQs, Fort Eustis, VA Function Rules of Engagement Before You Call the IG Confidentiality IG Appropriate Function ASSISTANCE Informal fact-finding in response to requests for help, information, or issues INVESTIGATION & INQUIRIES Formal fact-finding in response to allegations of violations of laws, regulations, or policy INSPECTIONS Tailored […]