Dos and Don’ts

Social Media Dos and Don’ts Essential Dos and Don’ts Do and Don’t Essentials: DO Live the U.S. Army values. Online misconduct is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice […]

Online Identity Training

Social Media Training and Awareness Online Identity Training Online Identity Threats There are many tactics people may use to trick others into providing information or granting access to that information […]

Senior Leaders

Social Media Leader’s Guide Senior Leaders Social Media and Soldiers Understand how soldiers should conduct themselves online and on social media. Remember: Training and Doctrine Command views social media sites […]

CG’s Guidance

Social Media Leader’s Guide CG’s Guidance Social media, when used effectively, presents unequaled opportunities to share our Army story in an authentic, transparent, and rapid manner — while building more […]

Contigency Plan Template

Social Media Crisis Communication Contingency Plan Template Crisis management Using social media to communicate with stakeholders during a crisis has proven to be effective due to its speed, reach and […]

Maximize Social Media

Social Media Crisis Communication Maximize Social Media It is time to get a seat at the social media table. You may be comfortable with the use of social media in […]

OPSEC Snapshot

Social Media OPSEC OPSEC Snapshot Operations Security Operations Security is the process by which we protect unclassified information that can be used against us. Its purpose is to prevent potential […]

Spotting Fake News

Social Media OPSEC Spotting Fake News What is Fake News? Fake news is fabricated information, which mimics news media content in form, but not in organizational process or intent. It […]

Spotting Disinformation Actors

Social Media OPSEC Spotting Disinformation Actors The problem of disinformation There is no shortage of information, and accuracy can be hard to gauge. Misinformation is unintentionally inaccurate. Disinformation is intentionally […]

Safeguarding Information

Social Media OPSEC Safeguarding Information Safeguarding Information is Your Responsibility You are personally responsible for what you say and post on social networking services and any other medium. Consider how […]