Mentoring Resources

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor willing to share knowledge with a mentee.

A mentoring relationship is not one-sided. Ideally, the mentoring relationship is collaborative, dynamic, and reciprocal. The relationship is the result of collaborations among the Mentee, Mentor, Supervisor and Program Manager.

A mentor is responsible for cultivating a relationship with a mentee where both parties establish goals, timelines and methods of achieving the goals. As a mentor, you will advocate, listen, advise, coach, challenge, connect and serve as a role model for your mentee. Explore these resources to learn the what, how, why and when for serving as a successful mentor.

This means you wish to improve your performance and advance your career path. You have an opportunity to work with an experienced workplace professional. So, where do you start? How can you make the most of your mentoring sessions? And what can you do to maintain a positive relationship with your mentor?

Here you’ll find resources to help you discover the answers to these questions. You will explore ways to make the best of this mentoring program opportunity. You can learn to identify habits of a model mentee, determine your preferred communication style, and learn about habits and attitudes along the way.

For Organizations

These resources are meant to get your organization started on the journey to develop a mentoring culture. Download these and change them as needed. Check back frequently for new and effective resources.

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