Engineer Directorate


Manage TRADOC mission Military Construction and Facilities Modernization and Restoration Planning, Programming, Engineering, Energy, and Sustainability programs. Provide Planning, Programming, Engineering and Facilities Support to TRADOC Headquarters, Centers and Schools and as needed to other Commands and Units.

Managed and Supported Programs

  • Military Construction, Army (MCA) and Unspecified Minor MCA (UMMCA)
  • Mission Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM)
  • Training Barracks Upgrades Program (TBUP)
  • Training Classroom Upgrade Program (TCUP)
  • Army Facilities Standards (training barracks, classrooms, other training facilities)
  • Commander’s Unit Status Report (CUSR)
  • Capabilities Needs Analysis (CNA)
  • Stationing Senior Review Group (SSRG)
  • Army Stationing Studies Facilities Reviews (AR 5-10)
  • TRADOC Strategic Plan (TSP)
  • Inter-Service Training Review Organization (ITRO) Inter-Service Training Review Organization (ITRO)
  • Training Resource Arbitration Panel (TRAP)
  • Structure Manning Decision Review (SMDR)
  • Army Facilities Accounting and Requirements Systems (ie. Installation Status Report (ISR), Real Property Planning and Analysis Systems (RPLANS))
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Initial Entry Training Assessments (IMT “Quick Looks”)
  • Command Environmental Oversight
  • TRADOC Energy Strategy – Conservation & Renewable Energy
  • Science & Technology and Sustainment Support (thru Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC))
  • Technical Assistance (expertise, special studies, assessments, etc)