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KM Qualification Course

The KM Qualification Course (KMQC), geared towards Army soldiers and Civilians, enables you to improve your organization’s effectiveness through shared understanding.

Course Description:

This KM Qualification Course (KMQC) trains and educates Active, Reserve, and National Guard military personnel. It also trains Department of Defense Civilians, U.S. Government Civilians, and Foreign Military personnel on Army KM doctrine & principles. Students learn how KM effectively enhances a unit’s capability and mission command. Also, students learn how proper KM helps facilitate shared understanding to improve organizational effectiveness. Students must demonstrate an understanding of KM duties and responsibilities while maintaining a grade average of 80%, in order to successfully complete the course.


Taught at the graduate level, seminar style, this three-week course will be held at the Army’s Fort Leavenworth, Kansas location. There are currently no virtual options.


  • Military grades are: O3-O6, W2-W5, and E6-E9.
  • NCOs must have successfully completed the Battle Staff NCO Course.
  • Civilians (GS-11 through GS-15) must be assigned to a KM position and possess a thorough understanding of the Army Operations Process.
  • Students who don’t meet the prerequisites must obtain a waiver from the AKM Proponent Office before they sign up for the course.

How to Register:

For general questions or more information call (913) 684-7983