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Data Literacy helps non-data professionals read, understand, and communicate with data and use it to inform their decision-making. TRADOC OCKO is driving impact and bringing order to this emerging field by identifying Data Literacy training across TRADOC and making it more accessible here. We have also curated external lessons in our KM Academy to take you further on your journey toward data fluency.

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TRADOC HQ Data Literacy

“From Data to Decisions: Mastering the Basics”

1-hour self-paced online course explaining basic concepts, terminology, and the need for data analytics.

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Army Data Literacy Training & Executive Courses

Courses from data analytics experts across the Army & academia, offered both online and in person.

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Curated Data Literacy Lessons

Short modules to enhance your education in data literacy offered in an e-learning format. Check them out in our KM Academy!

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Jordan Morrow’s book, “Be Data Literate” is the foundation for many of the Army DL courses you’ll find here. Watch Jordon’s TED Talk here.

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