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Data Literacy Courses:

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Not everyone needs to be a Data Scientist, but EVERYONE needs the critical skills to feel empowered to assess, analyze, and make decisions in today’s Army.

Army & Academic Courses​

West Point

Data Literacy 101 Train the Trainer

CDAS provides expertise for problems requiring data analytical or statistical methodologies and offers the capability to assist in the design of statistical studies, data collection, and big data analytics using modern data science techniques. This course is designed to train data SMEs in your organization to teach the Data Literacy 101 course. Click the link to email for info​.


DA Military Intelligence Data Literacy 101

Learn key data ​concepts to ensure an understanding of data sources and constructs, analytical methods, and the ​ability to describe the use-case application and resulting value.​


Data Foundations Seminar

Learn why data is important to the Army; explore the concepts of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics; think critically to solve problems; and utilize Excel to analyze and visualize data.​


Data Analysis and Visualization

An introduction to statistics, data visualization, and data analysis and aligns with the Army G4’s desire to build analytic talent and create a smart data culture. Graduates of the DAV Course can garner information from data using descriptive and predictive statistics, and present findings using visualization techniques.


Data Literacy-Land War Net eUniversity (

The Data Literacy training series will give students foundational knowledge to navigate in the current data driven world. This series will instruct students on types of data, where data comes from, its quality, various data analytic methods, and finally, how to ask an informed question.


G2 Data Literacy Course

The Data Literacy Course – Part I is designed to provide learners with fundamental concepts and terminology associated with data collection, management, analytics, and visualization. It does not cover specific data analytics and visualization tools, but does provide information to help knowledge workers assess the utility of prospective applications.​

Executive Courses​

Old Dominion University

Data Analytics Bootcamp

This 16-week Data analytics bootcamp prepares learners for a fast-growing field that provides diverse job options, such as business intelligence, data engineering, and machine learning. Additionally, data analytics offers high-paying salaries with performance-based bonuses and incentives.

University of SC

Advanced Business Analytics (ABAC)

Graduate certificate program Offered as a 12-week distance learning class or a four-week onsite program This program will help you capitalize on that information by turning the data into useful, and actionable, knowledge. This suite of four graduate classes is designed to help you manage data, visualize it, forecast and predict based on data, and create advanced modeling.

Carnegie Mellon

Army Data Driven Leader Program

Provides instruction in data science, decision making, emerging technology, and data privacy and security to teach Army leaders how to use data to support the mission of the branch. Starting with the foundations of data management on through to artificial intelligence and data security, this 10-module program gives Army leadership everything it needs to develop a strong, data-driven organization.

Columbia U Data Science Institute

Executive Data Education

Executive education programs in partnership with the Center for Technology Management (CTM) to provide industry leaders with a better understanding of how to design and manage data science applications in their organizations;  geared to advise leaders from multiple industries, fields, professions, and sectors on how to responsibly use data to evolve the ways in which business occurs in our society.