Knowledge Management Specialist

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The Pathway to a KM Specialist

The KM Specialist plays a very important role in your organization. After completing the 3-week Army KM Qualification Course where they learn how KM helps facilitate shared understanding to improve organizational effectiveness, they are able to apply their skills and knowledge across their organization. As a KM Specialist, you will participate and lead the following:

  • Plan and Organize a KM Working Group
  • Assess the Common Operational Picture
  • Refine Common Operational Picture 
  • Perform Specialty Roles in Continuous Process Improvement, Content Management, Metrics Design, Data Architecture, and Knowledge Visualization
  • Executes KM policies and plans as directed by the KMO/CKO and Commander
  • Facilitates and participates in the KMWG
  • Develops the organization’s KM training program
  • Maps the organization’s KM network
  • Develops, organizes, and supervises content management efforts
  • Identifies trends, observations, insights, and lessons

***Must complete the Army 3-week KM Qualification Course

Course Pathway:

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