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The Pathway to a KM Specialist

A KM Specialist provides leadership in the use of traditional and digital learning approaches to develop and implement innovative, creative, and effective strategies to capture, interpret, and share technical knowledge. They play a very important role in your organization. After completing the 3-week Army KM Qualification Course* where they learn how KM helps facilitate shared understanding to improve organizational effectiveness, KM Specialists can apply these skills and knowledge across their organization. As a KM Specialist, you will participate and lead the following:

  • Plan and Organize a KM Working Group
  • Assess the Common Operational Picture
  • Refine Common Operational Picture 
  • Perform Specialty Roles in Continuous Process Improvement, Content Management, Metrics Design, Data Architecture, and Knowledge Visualization
  • Execute KM policies and plans as directed by the KMO/CKO and Commander
  • Facilitate and participates in the KMWG
  • Develop the organization’s KM training program
  • Map the organization’s KM network
  • Develop, organizes, and supervises content management efforts
  • Identify trends, observations, insights, and lessons

***Must complete the Army 3-week KM Qualification Course

Course Pathway:

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