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ArmyU Onboarding Itinerary

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(To be completed prior to Day 1)

PHASE I: Pre-CAC (Common-Access-Card)

  • First Day: Arrive at AG Office, 861 McClellan Ave, Ft. Leavenworth, KS (showtime provided by CPAC). CPAC will conduct in-processing steps and hold several information briefs. After CPAC in-processing, the employee will report to their office.
  • Organization Check-In Process (additional steps will be conducted by your org)
    • Meet with Supervisor and key personnel.
    • Admin Discussions: welcome, desk and computer set-up, work schedule, Unit Point of Contact (POC) roster with phone numbers, facilities tour, etc.
    • Safety Brief for building (tornado shelter, bomb threat, evacuation procedures, fire, Active Shooter, inclement weather, etc.)
    • Discuss Standards of Conduct and Supervisory Expectations with supervisor.
    • Discuss Position Description (PD) and Individual Development Plan (IDP) expectations with supervisor.
    • Discuss Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP) with supervisor.
  • Report to ArmyU G1 for additional in-processing steps (Lewis & Clark, Rm. 2520).
  • Fill out the following forms (provided by ArmyU G1):
    • DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data
    • SF 312-13, Non-Disclosure Agreement Form *required for new government hires only; have witness by HR professional
  • Complete the following Mandatory Training Courses (Pre-CAC):
  • Review Benefits and Set-up.
  • Read the New Army Civilian Professional Handbook.
  • The Organization of the Army (pp. 6-7)
  • Holidays and pay (pp. B3-5)
  • Leave information (pp. B6-10)
  • Benefits and entitlements (Annex C)
  • Insignia and General Schedule (GS) scale (pp. E5-7)
  • Military time and phonetic alphabet (pp. E7-8)
  • Commonly Used Acronyms (pp. F3-5)

PHASE II: Post-CAC (Common-Access-Card)

  • Review the ArmyU Employee Resource site. (See Resources below for links.)
  • Review ArmyU Telework and Remote Work Policy, complete Telework Training and sign Agreement.
  • Review Army Civilian Professional (ACP) Wellness Program Policy.
  • Review ArmyU Reg 10-1, Organization and Function.
  • Review Automated Time and Attendance Production System (ATAAPS) Guide.
  • Review ALERT! Mass Warning Notification System Quick Reference Guide and self-register.
  • Update Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS)
  • Log into CHRTAS and verify profile information (instructions here). Must be completed before registering for CES courses, SUPV 101, SHROC, & SDC
  • Fill out DD 2875, System Authorization Access Request (SAAR).
  • Report to ArmyU G3.
    • Training Tracker Registration & Instructions
    • Mandatory Training Requirements
  • Complete the following Mandatory Training Courses (Post-CAC):
    • Visit the Training Menu for registration instructions and enter completion status in the Training Tracker.
    • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT Level I) – If you received training during CPAC In-processing, you are not required to retake the online course.
    • Ethics – If you received training during CPAC In-processing, you are not required to retake the online course.
    • DoD Cyber Awareness and complete DoD Acceptable Use Policy form
    • Information Security (InfoSec)
    • Threat Awareness & Reporting Program (TARP)
    • Substance Abuse
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP)
    • CES Foundation Course: CIV only – completed within first 30 days
    • Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Harassment and No Fear: CIV & MIL Supervisors only
    • Supervisor 101: CIV Supervisors only – completed within first 30 days of supervisor designation
    • Supervisor Human Resources Orientation Course (SHROC): CIV Supervisor only – completed within first 3-6 months of supervisor designation
    • Supervisor Development Course: CIV & MIL Supervisors only – completed within 1 year of supervisor designation
    • CES Basic, Intermediate or Advance Course: CIV Supervisors only – Phase 1 completed within first year of supervisor designation and Phase 2 completed within three (3) years of supervisor designation or Equivalent/Constructive Credit submitted
    • Azimuth Check Status: MIL only
    • Military Equal Opportunity (MEO): MIL only
    • Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness (CSF2): MIL only
    • Casualty Assistance Office (CAO/CNO): CPT/O-3 thru COL/O-6 only
  • Complete a Travel Card Application and Government Travel Card training if your new position requires you to travel and you are not currently a Travel Card Holder. Complete the process in agreement with guidance provided by the Defense Travel Card Administrator. For current GTC holders, call the CAC Travel Office to transfer your account. Visit Official Travel (Temporary Duty-TDY) ( for instructions and points of contact.
  • Explore and verify/update your information on: MyPay  and MyBiz.
  • Update work contact info in Global Address List (GAL). Go to ID Card Office Online.

Resources (CAC-Enabled)