G-2 Onboarding

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Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2

Functions of the DCS, G-2

The DCS, G-2 serves as the TRADOC senior intelligence officer (SIO) and is the principal staff officer responsible for providing intelligence to support current and future operations and plans. The DCS, G-2 manages an enterprise that gathers and analyzes information on current, emerging, and potential future OEs, applying those conditions and considerations for the command. The DCS, G-2 supports TRADOC by focusing and integrating these assets and resources to satisfy intelligence requirements. Also, the DCS, G-2 performs security management and oversight of the nine security functions for the Command.

As the Director of the Operational Environment Enterprise (OEE) and author of the Army approved current Operational Environment (OE), the TRADOC DCS, G-2 develops, describes, and delivers the OE to fight and win the nation’s wars. The G-2 manages the development and provision of OE outputs through the command’s OEE on behalf of the TRADOC DCG/COS, who serves as the OE Core Functional Lead.

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