G-8 Onboarding

Organizational Onboarding Page

Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8

G-8 Mission
The TRADOC G-8 enables the mission by providing strategic resource, force and acquisition management leadership, stewardship, and advice to TRADOC and the Army enterprise.

Cultivate a team of dedicated, professional, and responsive stewards advancing a mission-oriented culture of innovation and collaboration. Provide every echelon within TRADOC and all enterprise partners with analytically sound strategic leadership in order to maximize resources to design, acquire, build, and improve Army Readiness.

Primary Functions

  • Monitor, manage and execute resources
  • Program for future resource and manpower needs
  • Advocate and defend resource and manpower needs
  • Ensure acquisition visibility, accountability, and affordability
  • Achieve audit readiness
  • Lead and/or participate in resource forums

G-8 Directorates – Who we are

Acquisition Management & Oversight:
Oversees $2B in contract acquisitions. Develops, implements, and monitors Acquisition Management and Oversight processes and procedures to improve TRADOC’s use of resources.

Manage over $4.5B in funding across 53 subordinate organizations located throughout the U.S. Also provide budget policy and analysis and ensure maximum mission effectiveness, balance across functions, and responsible fiscal stewardship.

Finance and Accounting:
Provides finance and accounting policy interpretation and technical guidance, and financial systems development and support to the command; also supports and coordinates Army Audit Readiness.

Financial Information Management:
Develops technical solutions leveraging a data warehouse to provide relevant and timely resourcing information to the TRADOC enterprise. Provides innovative and creative technical solutions to data integration requirements for the resource management community. Provides desktop support to 140 users.

Manpower and Force Management:
Manages TRADOC force structure, manpower (military and civilian), and equipment requirements determination programs for 38,000 military and 12,000 civilian billets.

Planning, Analysis and Evaluation:
Provides planning, programming, program analysis, cost factoring, cost study and analysis, and evaluation capabilities to achieve TRADOC resource management goals and objectives.

Additional Training and Resources

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