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Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer

Welcome to OCKO! We are a dynamic and innovative organization setting the standard for Knowledge Management across TRADOC. We are so glad you’ve joined us on this journey. Here on this page you will find key items to help you achieve organizational knowledge and cultural awareness. You’ll also begin to learn about your role in our organization and how OCKO is integral to achieving the TRADOC mission.


Mr. Ian Pfaff assumed the duties of the CKO for TRADOC in July of 2020.Prior to his most recent assignment, Mr. Pfaff served in several strategic positions within the United States Army and the Federal Government, including CKO for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Strategic Operations Manager for the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services.


Dr. Michael Prevou assumed duties as DCKO in January 2021. His focus during this period has been on KM training, education, and professional development, KM strategy and implementation in support of TCP 4.0 development, and OCKO operations, administration and logistics.


Additional Training

More training to tackle after you’re completed the mandatory training on the TRADOC Onboarding Portal.