G1/4/9 Onboarding

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Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1/4/9

G-1/4/9 enables mission success across all TRADOC organizations by providing expert support for personnel, logistics, engineering, infrastructure, and integration of Enterprise Services for TRADOC. We design, develop, and influence Army-wide initiatives. We provide functional oversight of Command Surgeon, History, Safety and Occupational Health, and Retention on behalf of the Commanding General. We meet operational and institutional requirements while taking care of Soldiers, Families, and Civilians. We provide ADCON to Command Diversity Office.

Team Mates

Welcome to the G-1/4/9

G-1/4/9 Supervisors and sponsors can find the In/Out Processing Schedule and checklist in our In-Out Processing Teams:

As a reminder we need all staff movement added to the scheduler at least 5 days prior (including Interns, Temps and MIL Reserve deployments).

Outside of the guidance located in the processing form, here is how it will work..

  1. When notified someone is coming or going, add the employee info to the scheduler located at the top of the General Channel.
  2. Also at the top of the General Channel you will find the In/Out Processing Checklist in the “files”. For some of the outgoing employee’s we may be able to use the archived in-processing paperwork, if we have it.
  3. We will create a secure channel within this TEAM, we will then include the employee (if possible), and the supervisor or POC to the secure channel for correspondence.
  4. All correspondence, and all actions for the employee will be done within that channel.
  5. When all employee actions are complete and we have finished the process, we will archive the paperwork and delete the channel.

Mandatory Training

Additional Training and Resources

More training to tackle after you’ve completed the mandatory training on the TRADOC Onboarding Portal.